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Music is my first love and since I was 5 years old in kindergarten I am very happy to perform in front of an audience and it still lasts until today. At the age of 8 a music teacher, recognizing my commitment to music, enrolled me in solfeggio and piano lessons. Of course, it all comes with choir singing and solo singing. I went to many music workshops where I perfected singing a variety of music, from church songs to pop rock lyrics.

At the age of 15, I started playing keyboards in the rock band HARLEM, and later I started actively sing in various bands until I was 20 years old when one call changed my plans… from pop rock genre in the dance project KARMA.

The music of the dance group Karma has been spinning almost all over the world, we were 3 times at the “Dora” Eurovision Song Contest, where we won high positions, almost even winning. We recorded 8 studio albums. The biggest success, however, was in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where we surpassed all the world's strongest music stars like Madonna, Robbie Williams..., in 2008 we had a one and a half month tour in Asia where all these songs are still playing and listening today.

In 2014, I decided to take a break and dedicate myself to motherhood and family, and in the meantime I was preparing the ground to return to the stage, but this time in solo waters. In 2016, I started with a new story, followed by a four-member band for concerts. In April 2018 I released the first single "NE VJERUJ MUŠKARCIMA" and in September second single "LAGANO".

In 2019 starts a new collaboration side by side with famous renowned musician Ivan Volarić / Zak, with whom I recorded a duet called "NAJ NAJ", which certainly voted as a hit of summer 2019! After this compelling single, I went into the studio again and recorded the single called "KAKVA NOĆ" a song of a flamboyant Latin rhythm that also won over many audiences. Now the new single is being signed and re-signed by Ivan Zak, which will be released in autumn.

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